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I answer to 'Nani'.

And this is how I imagine I would look as a comic character (though I am not an authorised sales agent of Yeti Airlines!)...


I am now doing some of the things that I gave up on as I tried to climb the professional greasy pole. I am studying chess seriously, and am also trying to pick up new languages. Besides, I am rekindling my love for mountain climbing.

For a decade previously, I was a corporate/tax lawyer. I could no longer carry on with that lifestyle. I failed to reach the top of the professional ladder. But I have no regrets about that phase of my life!


Near a small town called Mulshi, presently. At various times, I have called Leh, Toronto and Katoomba as home, too. I won't be in Mulshi for too long - will let you know where I head off to next!